“CHURCHILL AND THE MOVIE MOGUL”  (1hr. 4K)   Dir: John Fleet.   Prod. Co: January Pictures       BFI / Storyville BBC 4  2019
Drama-doc. In 1934, Top film producer, Alexander Korda, colaborates with Winston Churchill as a screen writer and historical advisor.

“THE OUTCAST COMIC”  (1hr. 4K)  Dir:  Wael Dabbous.    Prod. Co:  Sky                                                                   Sky Arts  2016
Stand-up comic, Andrew Lawrence, outraged the British industry by challenging political correctness and ‘coming out’ as right wing.  
“NOVA – BUILDING PHARAOHS CHARIOT” (1hr. HDX)  Dir: Martin O’Collins.   Prod.co: TV6      Amazon Prime / PBS(US)   2012
Drama doc. Experts research & build replica Ancient Egyptian chariots, test them & the weaponry + recon of battles.

“FRONTLINE – THE REGIME RESPONDS”  (part of 1hr. HDX)   Prod:  Marcela Gaveria.   Prod. Co:  Rain Media.   PBS(US)  2012
Investigation into how Syrian President, Bashar – al – Assad, has managed to hold onto power for so long.

“TABOO – PRIVATE SPERM DONOR”(10 mins. XDcam) Dir: Bernice Toni.  Prod. Co:  Beyond Prods.     NAT.GEO. TV(US)   2012
He runs his operation from home on his own terms & has fathered about 90 children,

“DOGS 101 – WORK WITH CHEETAHS” (10 mins. HDcam) Dir: Joe Sousa.  Prod. Co: Powderhouse. ANIMAL PLANET(US) 2012
In Namibia, specially trained Anatolian Shepherd dogs protect goat herds from attack by cheetahs.

“THE REAL KING’S SPEECH” (part of 1hr. HDcam)     Dir: David Barrie.     Prod. Co: 1212 Prods.                                  CH. 4   2011
The story behind King George VI struggle to overcome his stammer.

“NOVA – ICEMAN MURDER MYSTERY” (1hr. Varicam HD) Dir: Brando Quilici. Prod Co: National Geographic TV.    PBS(US) 2011
20 years after his discovery beneath a Tyrolian glacier, 5,300 year old ‘Ötzi’ is temporarily thawed for new scientific research.

“IMAGINE – THE WEIRD WORLD OF EDWEARD MUYBRIDGE” (Part of 1hr. HDX)  Dir: Jill Nicholls. Prod. Co: BBC  BBC 1   2010
The life story of the pioneering photographer best known for his multiple camera studies of animals in motion. With Alan Yentob.
“IMAGINE – GROWING OLD DISGRACEFULLY” (1hr. Digebeta)  Dir:  Jill Nicholls.  Prod. Co:  BBC                            BBC 1   2010
Alan Yentob profiles Diana Athill, the best selling author whose frank memoirs have brought her celebrity at the age of 92.

“SUCHET’S MUSIC HALL HERO” (1hr. DVcam)   Dir: Tom Cholmondeley     Prod. Co:  Mentorn Media                        BBC 4   2010
David Suchet traces the history of the music hall star, Sid Field’s, life & career.

“SERGIO” (90 mins. HDcam)  Dir: Greg Barker    Prod.co: Silverbridge productions               HBO / Storyville BBC / NETFLIX  2009
Drama Doc.  The inspirational story of UN legend Sergio Viera de Mello and the attempts to rescue him from the rubble of his
bombed HQ in Baghdad.            Screened at the ‘Sundance Festival 2009 & the’London Film Festival’ 2009

“AMONG THE RIGHTEOUS” (1 hr.  HDcam)       Dir:  William Cran      Prod. Co:  Arte                                   CH 4 / PBS (US)   2009
A search for Arabs who helped Jews escape from WW2 Nazi concentration camps in North Africa.

“FRONTLINE – BLACK MONEY”   (1 hr. HDX)    Dir:  Oriana Zill     Prod. Co:  Frontline CA                                         PBS (US) 2009
Lowell Bergman investigates corruption & bribery in the international arms industry.

“CLASSICAL DESTINATIONS” Series 2 (13 x 30 mins. HDcam)  Dir: Peter Beveridge.                   BBC Worldwide + Sky HD   2008
Simon Callow introduces the great classical composers, their music and the cities that nurtured them.

“DICKENS & THE INVENTION OF CHRISTMAS” (1hr. Digebeta)   Dir: Paul Tilzey.    Prod. Co. Modern Films                BBC 1 2007
Drama-doc about Charles Dickens’ influence on the way we celebrate Christmas today. Written & presented by Griff Rhys Jones.

“SOLOMON STONE: THE FALLOUT”  (1 hr.  Hdcam)     Dir: Robert Eagle.   Prod. Co.  TV6              National Geographic TV.  2007
An Investigation into the authenticity of Israel’s most controversial Biblical archaeological artefacts.

“THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA” [2nd unit] (2 hrs. Varicam HD)   Dir: Nic Young.    Prod. Co.  Lion TV           CH.4 / Discovery  2007
Drama-doc. The Story of General Qi and the building of The great Wall.

“ATHENS - THE TRUTH ABOUT DEMOCRACY” (2 x 1hr. Digibeta) Dir: Tim Copestake.  Prod. Co: Lion TV CH. 4 / PBS(US)   2007
Bettany Hughes presents the story of the worlds first great democracy & the philosophers of classical Greece.

“WICKED” E.P.K. (15 mins. HDcam) Dir: Greg Barker.  Prod.Co: Silverbridge Productions                                                            2007
Electronic Press Kit for the London Production of the Broadway hit musical.

“FOUNDING FATHERS” (2hrs. Digibeta)  Dir: Tim Copestake.   Prod. Co: Wildfire TV                                                       CH. 4   2007
Tony Robinson investigates conspiracy theories relating to alternative versions of the founding of the USA.

“PAUL MERTON – SILENT CLOWNS” [part] (DVcam)       Dir:  Kate Broom.  Prod. Co: BBC Bristol                               BBC 2  2006
Documentary series with Paul Merton & friends enthusing over the delights of comedy films from cinema’s silent era.
“SPIRIT OF THE ARTS – KIRI TE KENAWA”  (30mins. Digibeta)                                                          International distribution 2006
“SPIRIT OF THE ARTS – CECILIA BARTOLI” (30mins. Digibeta) Dir: Safi Schlicht. Prod. Co: TWI.
“SPIRIT OF THE ARTS – RENEE FLEMING”   (30mins. Digibeta) Profiles, both professional & personal, of leading opera singers.

“GRANDEST DESIGNS – EL CAJON” (1hr. HDcam)     Dir: Adrian Sibley.    Prod. Co: Wag TV             DISCOVERY CH.(US)  2005
Character led documentary following the construction of the massive 'El Cajon' Dam in Mexico.

“WHEN THE MOORS RULED IN EUROPE” (2 hrs. Digibeta)     Dir: Tim Copestake.  Prod. Co: Wildfire TV                   CH. 4   2005       
Bettany Hughes explores the history, art & culture of the mysterious and misunderstood Moors
“SILENT VOICES”  (1hr. Digebeta)      Dir: Charles Harris       Prod. Co:  Quick & Dirty Prods.                      COMMUNITY CH.  2005
Harrowing dramatization based on real-life cases of physical abuse within the family.
“WIFE SWAP USA” (half 1hr. DVcam) Dir: Juan Zaldivar. Prod. Co: RDF.  ‘Reality’ TV in the US Deep South.           ABC (US)  2005

“NEFERTITI – SEARCH FOR THE LOST MUMMY”   (2 hrs. Super16 / Digibeta)                         DISCOVERY CH.(US) / CH. 5   2004
Dir: Mathew Wortman.  Prod. Co: Atlantic Prods.      Documentary with drama reconstruction.   The mummy of history’s first lady,
Queen Nefertiti, ancient Egypt’s only female Pharaoh and legendary beauty, are discovered in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

 “HORIZON – KING SOLOMON’S STONE” (1 hr. Digibeta)  Dir: Sean Smith    Prod. Co: TV6                                         BBC 2   2004
The ‘Johash Stone’, bears an ancient Hebrew inscription verifying the existence of the Old Testament’s First Temple on the site of   Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. Is it Israel’s most significant archaeological find, or a damaging, sophisticated fraud?

“BRITAIN A.D.” (3 x 1hr. Digibeta)     Dir: Tim Copestake.     Prod. Co: Diverse                                                                 CH. 4   2004
Frances Pryor challenges the concept that Britain sank into ‘The Dark Ages’ after the Romans left.

“DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD – ISRAEL” (30 mins. Digibeta)  Dir: Nic Young     Prod. Co: Lion TV                      BBC 2   2004
Drama reconstruction of the events of May14th. 1948 – Israel’s Independence Day.

“THE TRUE GLADIATORS” (1 hr. Super16 / Digibeta) (documentary section)                           DISCOVERY CH.(US) / CH. 5   2004
 Dir: Shaun Trevisick.  Prod.co: Atlantic Prods.  Gladiator bones discovered at the Ephesus archaeological site are scientifically
 analysed to discover new information about their diet, medical practices, lifestyle, weapons used and much more.

“OPERATUNITY – THE WINNERS’ STORY” (1 hr. Digibeta) [part]  Dir: Michael Waldman    Prod. Co: Diverse            BBC 1   2003
One year after. Following the winners whilst recording a Christmas album at Abbey Road Studios.

“PARTY MAESTRO” (1 hr. Digibeta) [part]  Dir: Malcolm Brinkworth     Prod. Co:  Touch Prods.                                    BBC 2   2003
Verité film following party organiser Johnny Roxburgh setting up events for royalty, the rich and famous. 
 “WHO KILLED JULIUS CAESAR?” (1 hr. Super16 / Digibeta).                                                 DISCOVERY CH.(US) / CH. 5   2003
Dir:  Mathew Wortman.   Prod. Co:  Atlantic ProdsDocumentary with drama reconstruction.   BAFTA nominated.
Head of the Italian Caribiniery forensics dept. re-investigates Caesar’s assassination using contemporary methods.

“BRITAIN B.C.”   (2 x 1 hr. Digibeta)  Dir: Tim Copestake.      Prod.co: Diverse                                                                CH. 4   2003
Frances Pryor delves into prehistoric British history.

“THE REAL JASON & THE ARGONAUTS” (1 hr. Digibeta) (documentary section only)           DISCOVERY CH.(US) / CH. 5   2003
Dir: Shaun Trevisick.  Prod.co: Atlantic Prods. Retracing Jason’s journey & looking for any truth behind the myth.

“THE HOLY LANCE” (1 hr. Digibeta) Dir: Shaun Trevisick.  Prod.co: Atlantic Prods.                 DISCOVERY CH.(US) / CH. 5   2003
In Vienna Museum is a spear that is believed to have pierced Christ on the cross & it has an intriguing history.

“COMMANDING HEIGHTS” [part] (5x1hr. Digibeta) Dir: Greg Barker/Bill Cran.  Prod.co: InVision.  WGBH (US) 2002 / BBC4  2003
Battle for the World Economy. How globalisation has developed and changed the world. Based on the book by Daniel Yergin.

“A SHADOW OVER EUROPE” (1 hr. Digibeta)  Dir:  Tony Stark.  Prod. Co: BBC 4.                                                      BBC 4   2002    WW2 Nazi atrocities against the Czechs and ensuing retributions against the Sudetan Germans. Charles wheeler investigates
how this effects the Czech Republic’s entry into the EU today.

“THE MYSTERY OF THE THREE KINGS” (1 hr. Digibeta)  Dir: Giles Llewellyn-Thomas.                            PBS(US) / BBC 2   2002
Prod.Co: Atlantic Prods. Drama Doc.   An investigation into the truth behind the story and the ethnic identity of the Maji.

“WHO KILLED TUTENKHAMUN” (2 hrs. Super16 / Digibeta)  Super16 drama segment only.  DISCOVERY CH.(US) / CH. 5   2002
Dir: Shaun Trevisick.  Prod.co: Atlantic Prods.  New theories abut the cause of his death.      

“JACKIE CHAN’S HONG KONG”  (1hr. Digibeta)   Dir: Justin Wickham.  Prod. Co: Creative Media     DISCOVERY CH.(US)   2002
The Hollywood & Hong Kong martial arts superstar and film director presents his take on his home country.

“UNDERWORLD – FLOODED KINGDOMS OF THE ICE AGE”  (3x1hr. Super16/Digibeta)     DISCOVERY CH.(US) / CH. 4   2002
Dir: Tim Copestake.      Prod.co: Diverse.
Graham Hancock takes his search for evidence of lost civilisations under water by exploring the world’s oceans.

“MY SPERM DONOR DAD” [half] (1hr. Digibeta NTSC)  Dir: Barry Stevens.  Prod. Co: Barna Alper.                 CBC / BBC 4   2002
Barry is an A.I. child of 1952. With the aid of a newly traced half-brother, he searches for the identity of his biological father.
 “Amsterdam Audience Award - 2001”  - Voted the most popular film in the festival.

 “CUTTING EDGE – BOYS ALONE” [half]  (1hr. Digebeta)   Dir: Kim Flitcroft.    Prod.co:  Soul Purpose                        CH. 4   2002
Ten eleven year old boys left together unsupervised & without adult intervention in a large house for five days. The result . . . .

“EAT LIKE A KING: HENRY V111”  (1hr. Digebeta)  Prod.co: Atlantic Prods.    Dir: Shaun Trevisick                HISTORY Ch.  2002
The extraordinary diet of the Tudor monarchs and the elaborate rituals that surrounded the king’s daily feasts, recreated at
Kentwell Hall and Hampton Court Palace

“DISCOVERING THE REAL WORLD OF HARRY POTTER”  (1 hr. Digibeta )                            PBS(US) / DISCOVERY CH.   2001
Dir: Shaun Trevisick.   Prod.co: Atlantic Prods.  Drama doc. The real-life places, people and practices that inspired J.K. Rowling.

“THE REAL CRACKER” [part]  (5 x I hr. Digibeta)     Dir: Patrick Forbes.     Prod. co: Oxford TV.                                   CH. 4   2001
Verité series following a psychologist and a psychiatrist working with the police on offender profiles.

"THE SCIENCE OF SECRECY - HIEROGLYPHICS" (30 mins. Digibeta)   Dir: Tim Copestake.   Prod.co:  Diverse.      CH. 4   2000
The story behind the early deciphering of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, investigated by Simon Singh.

“ROAD TO RICHES”  (2 of 6 x 1 hr. Digebeta)     Dir: Charles Bruce.   Prod. co: BBC.                                                  BBC 2   2000
History of world economics, from Babylonian times to the present.  Fronted by Peter Jay.

"KINGS & BEASTS"  (1 hr. Digibeta)     Dir: Richard Bradley.    Prod. co:  Lion TV.                                                       BBC 2   2000
Drama doc.   A history of royal menageries, starting with the 12th century Lion Tower at The Tower of London.

"ENDS OF THE EARTH -  DEATH, DECEIT AND THE NILE"  (1hr. Digebeta) Dir: Stephen White. Prod.co: Fulcrum  CH. 4   2000
Retracing the steps of Sir Richard Burton's Victorian expedition accross Africa in search of the source of the Nile.

"SOLDIER POETS"  (1 hr. Digibeta)    Dir: Richard Bradley.    Prod. co:  Lion TV.                                                         CH. 4   2000
The poets of World War Two remembered by Tom Paulin.                                                                                                     

“SECRET HISTORY - THE PEOPLE'S DUCHESS" (1 hr.  Digebeta)  Dir: Justin Hardy.  Prod.co: Paladin Pictures.      CH. 4  1999
Dramatised life story of the influential and scandalous Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire - 18th.C. period reconstruction.

“RED FILE"  -  'SECRET SOVIET MOON MISSION' / 'SOVIET SPORTS WARS'  (2 x1 hr. Super16)                    PBS (US)   1999
Dir: Greg Barker.      Prod. Co: InVision Productions.  Winner -“Best Limited Series”  International Documentary Assc.
Drama docs. Cold war politics of the ‘space race’ and ‘sport’ largely from the USSR perspective.
“SECRET HISTORY - MAU MAU”  (1 hr. Super16 / DVC Pro)   Dir: Elizabeth Dobson.   Prod. co: Lion TV.                  CH. 4   1999
A fresh look at colonial Kenya’s Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s, which cost 12,000 lives -  only 32 were European.

“TIMEWATCH - GREY OWL ” [part]  (1 hr.  Digebeta)    Dir: Richard Bradley.   Prod. co: Lion TV.                               BBC 2   1999
1930s - He was an ‘Apache’ eco-warrior and a superstar, but he was also the man who conned a generation.

“QUEST FOR THE LOST CIVILISATION”  (3 x 1 hr.  Super 16)                                             DISCOVERY CH. (US) / CH. 4   1998
Dir:  Tim Copestake.     Prod. Co:   Independent Image.
A highly developed civilisation with advanced knowledge of astronomy and maths  pre-dating the Egyptians and Sumerians
by many thousands of years?  Graham Hancock looks at evidence world-wide for their existence.
“SECRET HISTORY - THE PURPLE SECRET” (1 hr. Digibeta)   Dir: Stephen White.    Prod.co: Paladin Pictures.     CH. 4   1998
Dramatised documentary revealing the horrors of the rare genetic disease - Porphyria - that has plagued the British
(and consequently Eastern European) royal family ever since Mary Queen of Scots.

“EQUINOX - RESURRECTING THE MAMMOTH” (1 hr. Digibeta)  Dir: Chis Swayne.   Prod. co: Cicada Films.          CH. 4   1998
Japanese expedition to Siberia in search of frozen mammoth sperm with which to impregnate an elephant ! 

“CUTTING EDGE - WOMEN DRIVERS” [half]  (1 hr. Super 16)   Dir: Ella Behair.    Prod co: Fulmar West.                  CH. 4   1997
"FLIGHTS OF COURAGE" (1hr. Super16)  Dir: Elizabeth Dobson/Greg Barker. Prod. co: Phoenix TV.                      C  H. 4   1997
Drama doc. 1918 - Pioneer fliers cross a continent against all odds to give birth to the U.S. Airmail.
“TIMEWATCH - LENIN’S SECRET FILES”  (1 hr. 16mm)   Dir: William Cran.    Prod. co: InVision Prods.                   BBC 2   1997
With the help of recently accessed archive, a new perspective on the final years of Lenin’s life.

"WARRIOR TRIBES - KOROWAI" (1 hr. Super16)  Dir / Cam: Colin Clarke. Prod. co: Essential TV. DISCOVERY CH. (US)   1996
Study of a remote, tree-house dwelling tribe in the New Guinea rain forest, with tales of sorcery and cannibalism.

"SECRET HISTORY - THE WHITECHAPEL MURDERS"  (1 hr. super16)   Dir: Stephen White.   Prod. co: Just TV.    CH. 4   1996
Drama doc.   The ongoing investigation into the identity of Jack the Ripper.  Was it an American quack - Dr. Tumblety?

"ZULU WARS" [half]  (3 x 1hr. Super16)   Dir: Richard Wawman.   Prod. co: Essential TV.                  LEARNING CH. (US)   1996
Drama doc.  Historical reconstruction of the rise of the Zulu nation under the great warrior, Shaka and its' fall under Cetshwayo.
"IN THE  BLOOD - LOST TRIBES"  (1 hr. 16mm.)   Dir:   Chris Hale.     Prod. co:   BBC                                             BBC 2   1996
Mormons to the Lemba Jews of Southern Africa - A genetic search for 'Lost Tribes of Israel' ,  With Prof. Steve Jones.
"DANCING IN THE STREETS - NO FUN" [part]  (1 hr. Super16) Dir: Hugh Thompson.  Prod. co: BBC Bristol.          BBC 1   1996
A Rock and Roll history.   The Punk era and anarchy.
"EQUINOX - IT RUNS ON WATER" (1hr.Beta)   Dir: Lawrence Simanowitz.    Prod. co: Inca.                                      CH. 4   1995
Inventors v. Scientists.  Imagine a world fuelled by water.                                                                                                       

"PHARAOHS & KINGS - A BIBLICAL QUEST"   (3 x 1 hr.  Super16)                                      LEARNING CH. (US) / CH. 4   1995
Dir:   Tim Copestake.      Prod co:   Soul Purpose.
Egyptologist David Rohl re-examines the established chronology of ancient Egyptian and biblical history.

"CUTTING EDGE - FOR RICHER FOR POORER"  [part]    (1 hr.  16mm.)                                                                  CH. 4   1995
Prod. co: Laurel Prods.  Dir: Lucy Sandys-Wynch.     Three very different weddings - Rich, nouveau-riche and poor.

"TURNING POINT - D-DAY"   (90 mins. Beta NTSC)     Dir: Steve York / Rudy Bednar.                                     A.B.C. (US)   1994
Prod. co: York Assc. (Washington)      Allied invasion at Normandy, fifty years on - with Peter Jennings
                             1994 Gold Hugo at the Chicago IFF          1995 Cine Golden Eagle

"STATE OF THE ARK - ZOOS THAT TIME FORGOT"  (1 hr. 16mm)  Dir: Kate Broom   Prod co: BBC Bristol           BBC 2   1994
Eastern block zoos struggle for survival through severe winters, lack of funds and crippling bureaucracies.
"21st. CENTURY AIRPORT" [part]   (3 x 1 hr. Beta NTSC)   Dir:  Chris Hale.   Prod. co:  Skyscraper Prods                CH. 4   1994
Three years following the designing, by Renzo Piano, and the building of the Kansai Airport on a man made island
 in Osaka bay, Japan.                                                                                                                                                        
"DEFENDERS OF THE WILD - KEEPER OF THE CONGO" (1 hr. Super16)                           DISCOVERY CH.(US) / CH. 4  1993  
Dir:  Katrina Murray.     Prod. co:  Yorkshire TV
Dr.Oko and his guards fight to protect the endangered chimps, gorillas and forest elephant from poacher's rifles.  
"BLOOMING BELLAMY"  (5 x 30 mins. 16mm)   Dir: John Percival.    Prod. co: Ark Prods.                                        BBC 1   1993
Series on herbal medicine with David Bellamy.                                                                                                                        

"SEX, DRUGS AND DINNER"    (1 hr.  16mm)  Dir: Charles Harris.   Prod. co:  Cicada.                                            BBC 2   1992
Black satirical documentary with Alexie Sayle. Starving Third World produces cash crops for western consumption.
"Premiere Award'" - One World Broadcasting Trust Awards' 1992 + Finalist at BEMA, Okmedia and New York F/Fs.

"999"  (4 x 12 mins. Beta.)   "DEATH BOAT"    "FIRE ESCAPE"    "WASP STING"    "STRANGFORD LOUGH"     BBC 1   1992
Dir: Phillipa Cousins  /  Nick Shearman.    Prod. Co: BBC Bristol.           Dramatised reconstructions of rescue operations.
"THE NEW EUROPEANS" (3 x 1hr. Beta) Dir: Peter Swain. Prod. co: M.P.T.(Washington )/Rias TV(Berlin)        PBS (US)  1992
European life from the Champagne harvest, chez Bolinger, to the struggle of adapting to capitalism in the East.

"EVERYMAN - THIS LAND IS OURS"   (1 hr. 16mm) Dir: Jane Treays.   Prod. co: BBC.                     NBC (US)  / BBC 1   1992
A study of Jewish fundamentalism in Israel. Specifically, the Gush Emonim, the Natura Carta and the Chasidim.

"WORDS ON FILM - XANADU"  (1 hr. 16mm)   Dir: Kim Flitcroft.    Prod. co: BBC Bristol.                                       BBC 2   1992
A Rochester housing estate through the eyes and prose of the poet - Simon Armitage.
"EVERYMAN - FROM GRACE TO MERCY"  (30 mins. 16mm)  Dir: Jane Treays.    Prod. co: BBC                         BBC 1    1991
The story of a charitable children's clinic in the Arab Quarter of Jerusalem's 'Old City' and its' fight for survival.                              

"ENTERPRISE CULTURE - BEYOND THE DIVIDE"  (1 hr. 16mm) Dir: Peter Symes.  Prod. co: BBC Bristol.          BBC 1   1989
'Tebbit's Express' victims from the north seek work down south.

"ICEWALK"  (1 hr.  16mm.)   Dir:  Simon Normanton.   Prod. co:  Global Madness                                                      CH. 4   1989
Robert Swan's multinational expedition walking to the North Pole + student expedition studying the Arctic's environmental problems.

"BY-LINE - THE BLASPHEMER'S BANQUET"  [part] (1 hr.  16mm.)  Dir:   Peter Symes.  Prod. co:   BBC Bristol    BBC 2   1989
Salman Rushdie's situation through the eyes and prose of the poet - Tony Harrison.
"ENTERPRISE CULTURE - BEYOND THE DIVIDE"   (1 hr. 16mm.)    Dir:  Peter Symes.   Prod. co:   BBC Bristol BBC 1   1989
'Tebbit's Express' victims from the north seek work down south.

First time buyers + the other end of the scale.       Dir:   Steve Poole    Prod. co:   BBC Bristol
"ANKARANA"     (1 hr.  16mm.)   Dir: Philip Chapman.   Prod. co:  Partridge Films NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TV (US)    1988
Caving/canoeing expedition to explore undocumented and virtually inaccessible sunken forests in Madagascar.
"TRUE STORIES - PEACE FOR OUR TIME ?"  (90 mins. 16mm.)  Dir: Jan Nêmetz.   Prod. co:  Cinetel    CHANNEL 4   1988
Munich 1938 and the fate of Czechoslovakia.
Hangliding adventure from the world's highest waterfall - the Angel Falls, in the Venezuelan rain-forest.
Dir:   Peter Mc Pherson.                   Prod. co:   John Gau Prods. / Goldcrest TV                                                           

"MADNESS - THE VIDEO"  [part]    (90 mins.   16mm.)  Dir:  David Robinson.  Prod. co:  Stiff Records       M.T.V. (US) 1986
Zany 'Rockumentary' on pop group, Madness.
"THE GREAT BIRD RACE"     (1 hr.  16mm.)  Dir:   Major Steadman.     Prod. co: Dragon Prods.           CHANNEL 4   1985
Sponsored ornithological "race" for charity, with Bill Oddie.
"POLICE - OPERATION CARTER"  [2nd. unit]  (5 x 1 hr. 16mm.)  Dir:   Roger Graef.   Prod. co:  BBC Bristol BBC 2   1983
'Fly on the wall' series on the Thames Valley Police.    BAFTA award "Best documentary series". 
"ARENA - MENTIONED IN DISPATCHES"   (1 hr. 16mm.)  Dir:   Chris Sykes. Prod. co:   BBC                         BBC 2 1980           
Portrait of Tim Page - Vietnam war photographer.                                                                                                        
Pop Promos     Artists include:

Rock Concerts & Jam sessions     Artists include:

TV Commercials
"POWER STOUT"                    Beer                (60 secs.   35mm,)                                                            Mirage Prods.
"DOUBLE CROWN"               Beer                (60 secs.   35mm,)                                                            Mirage Prods.
"TELSTAR RECORDS"         Music               (10 x 30 secs.   16mm.)                                              Rhode Island Films.
"REVLON"                            Cosmetics         (30 secs.   16mm.)                                                  Rhode Island Films.
"SAMSON BATTERIES"      Car battery        (90 secs.   35mm.)     Creative circle award                    Rhode Island Films.
"COTTERS TOURS"            Euro-Tour Co.   (30 secs.   16mm.)                                                         Peter Isaac Prods.
"REVELATIONS"                 Board games     (2 x 30 secs.   16mm.)                                                William Clark Prods.
"ACTION GAMES " [operating]                      (12 x 30 secs. 35mm.)                                    Company Three Productions.

Drama and Corporate Promotion: 
"DARK RIVER"  (100 mins.  16mm,)  Dir:   Malcolm Taylor.   Prod. co:   Driftwood Films                                               
Feature / TV film set in colonial Africa, starring Tom Bell, Ian McNeice, Rosemary Leach, Kate Buffery,                             
                       Screened at Cannes + "Montreal Jury Selection"  1990
"MALLET!"   (16mm)    Dir:   Bob Laurie.     P.rod. co:   Blink Prods                                                                             
Gruesome 'alternative' action pic. with prosthetics Ultimat and special FX.

"TIME PASSING - 9 O'CLOCK" (10 mins. 16mm.)  Dir: Charles Garrad.  Prod co: BBC Bristol.    A surreal look at time
"DIARY OF A LITTLE SOD" (8 mins, Beta.)   Series pilot   Dir: Shirley Sheeman   Prod. co: Reel Time
Comedy from Simon Brett book, shot from baby's p.o.v..  Voiced by Rick Mayal.
"THE HEALING TOUCH" (40 mins.16mm.) Dir: Richard Wawman. Prod. co: Telesma A spiritual perspective on love, sex and touch.
"THE SUN" (16mm.)    Dir:   Malcolm Taylor.   Prod. co:   Infomercials        Comedy, promoting advertising in the Sun newspaper.
Gold Medal   "Best Promotional Film"   New York Film Festival   1988
"SUNDAY TIMES CLASSIFIED"  (16mm.)  Dir:  Malcolm Taylor.  Prod. Co:  Infomercials
Comedy in the city with power driven executive chair.
"A.T.M."     (1" C Format   3 cameras mounted together + Ultimat)   Dir:   Peter Claridge.  Prod. co:   Barclays Video
Three screen comedy routine with Punt and Dennis, for display in the Science Museum, demonstrating the complexities of 'A.T.M.'
 cash dispensers.
"PLAYBACK"   (16mm.)      Dir:   Charles Harris.   Prod. co:   Worldwide Pictures
Recruitment film for Nat. West Bank.  Sceptical kids are caught up in a time travel adventure whilst producing a school video project.

 "COMPUTER MARRIAGE"   (Beta)           Comedy set in the office of a marriage guidance councillor for
computers - Communication problems ?  The answer is Pirelli - Focon fibre optic and copper cables. 
Prod. co:   Infomercials      Dir:   Malcolm Taylor.

"KEEP SAFETY FIRST"  1, 2 &  3  (3 x 30 mins.   Beta)  
Drama reconstructions of fatal on-track accidents and 'near misses' for railway workers' safety training.
Prod. co:   First Picture     Dir:   John Gow.

"SUNDAY TIMES CLASSIFIED"     (16mm.)   Comedy in the city with power driven executive chair.
Prod. co:   Infomercials           Dir:   Malcolm Taylor.

"A.T.M."     (1" C Format   3 cameras mounted together + Ultimat)   Three screen comedy routine with Punt
and Dennis, on display in the Science Museum, demonstrating the complexities of 'A.T.M.' cash dispensers.
Prod. co:   Barclays Video   Dir:   Peter Claridge.

Stylised office drama explaining May And Baker's corporate identity change.
Prod. co:  Barford Prods.    Dir:   Tim Burkinshaw.

"THE MAN WHO SAID 'YES'"     (BVU)    Espionage comedy explaining commercial positioning to T.S.B. staff.
Prod. co:   Worldwide Pictures     Dir:   Charles Harris.

"BUY OUT" (BVU)       Drama of a company going through a management buy out, produced for the 3 'I' s.
Prod. co:   Worldwide Pictures        Dir:   Charles Harris.

"PLAYBACK"  (16mm.)      Recruitment film for Nat. West Bank.  Sceptical kids are caught up in a
time travel adventure whilst producing a school video project.
Prod. co:   Worldwide Pictures      Dir:   Charles Harris.

"THE FLOOR IS YOURS 2" (16mm)  Situation drama for training in the giving of presentations and public speaking.
Prod. co:   Gower Publishing    Dir:   Jim Goulding.

"SPIRIT OF THE FOREST"    (20 mins.   Super16 to 35mm.)                                                                                                          
A rainforest awareness promo to raise funds from governments and industry for W.W.F. projects.                                                      
Prod. co:   Driftwood Films       Dir:   Malcolm Taylor.

"FELIXTOWE"   (4 mins.   Super16)       Fast moving sales promo for Felixtowe container docks.  
 Prod. co:   Interlink Video      Dir:   Sam Wallis.

"FARADAY INSERTS"     (20 mins.   Beta.)
Reconstructed historical electrical experiments for projection at 1994 Faraday lectures.
Prod. co:   Purchase point    Dir:   Chris Tuff.

"TOTAL - THE BUILDING OF AN OIL PLATFORM"    (30 mins.   35mm.)   French cinema short, shot over four years.
Prod. co:   Worldwide Pictures     Dir:   Roland Brinton.

"LOHNRO 1989"  [part]    (40 mins.   16mm)       'Home movies' for Tiny Roland, primarily gold mines.
Prod. co:   Infomercials    Dir:   Malcolm Taylor.     

"HOOGOVENS ON THE MOVE"     (30 mins.   16mm,)     Corporate promo for Dutch steel co.
Prod. co:  Filmedia     Dir:  Ian McNaulty.

"A TASTE OF O.S.L." (30 mins.   Beta.)     A culinary tour of the Algarve, Dordogne and Tuscany, with Roy Ackerman.
Prod. co:   Farnham Film Co.    Gold Medal   'Best Tourism Film"    New York Film Festival   1992.   Dir:   Ian Lewis.

"NAT. WEST SPONSORSHIP"       (40 mins.   16mm.)   
A catalogue of the banks' sponsorship programme, from the arts to third World medicine.                                                              
Prod. co:   Worldwide Pictures                                                                                               Dir:   Martin Rosenblaum.

"THE QUEENS AWARDS FOR EXPORT 1993"   (30 mins.   Beta.)     The award winners at work.                                              
Prod co:   Greystoke Prods,                                                                                                            Dir:   Charles Harris.

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